The Most Infamous Political Scandals – Where Are Their Lovers Now?


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As we gear up for the upcoming 2016 presidential race, think back on all the outrageous political scandals of yesteryear. From Bill Clinton’s infamous White House intern to Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner, it seems there’s always a temptress waiting in the wings, ready to seduce our nation’s biggest names.

But after the tabloid buzz fades, what happens to these scandalous ladies? Read on to get acquainted with twelve of America’s most notorious political mistresses, and catch up on where they are today.


Mark Sanford – María Belén Chapur



A media firestorm descended as South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford “disappeared” for six days in 2009. When he emerged, Sanford revealed he was in Buenos Aires, engaging in an affair with Argentine journalist María Belén Chapur. As more details came to light, the public learned Sanford and his wife were separated, and he had pursued María on taxpayers’ dimes since as far back as 2008.  But what now for this scandalous couple??


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